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The GE Africa Innovation Centre: Serving Sub-Saharan Africa

Based in Houghton Estate in Johannesburg, South Africa, the GE Africa Innovation Centre (GE AIC) serves Sub-Saharan Africa, and is dedicated to the rollout of sustainable strategic innovation programmes, projects and solutions for the region. The GE AIC is part of a network of 12 GE Innovation Centres and 30 GE Digital Foundries, Garages and Research Centres across the world.


Innovation in Africa

The GE Africa Innovation Centre provides a venue to showcase the best of global GE innovation, invention, practices, and methodologies, and to bring together GE’s internal and external stakeholders to collaborate in unlocking opportunities for Africa’s accelerated growth and sustainable development.

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Commemorating the Impact of Women Entrepreneurs in Women’s Month in South Africa: 

August is Women’s month in South Africa and commemorates the march on the Union Building of 20 000 South African women on 9 August 1956 – now a national holiday. This month, the GE Africa Innovation Centre (GE AIC) profiles some of the astounding impact entrepreneurs who were our guests, speakers and lecturers at various events through the year:

GE Africa Innovation Centre Wins SAPOA Award for Innovative Developments 2017!

The GE Africa Innovation Centre (GE AIC) was awarded with the SAPOA Award for best Innovative Development 2017 at the annual SA Property Owners Association Awards ceremony on Thursday 22 June 2017.

Providing a dynamic showcase for GE in the region, and a home for global thought leadership, the glass-encased, three-story GE AIC was designed and built in a record time of one year, and launched on 13 June 2016.

The annual SAPOA Awards celebrate exceptional design, green building, originality and efficiency in commercial, industrial, residential and other property spaces.



GE Innovation: In Africa. For Africa

The GE AIC focuses on three constituencies:

  • Our internal clients, and their clients – in the Transportation, Healthcare, Energy, Aviation and Oil & Gas industries – with whom we work on resolving strategic issues.
  • Our enterprise development programmes and partners – small to larger enterprises, educational institutions and financial service organisations – with whom we work to develop a sustainable supply chain for our business lines.
  • GE Digital and the broader African digital ecosystem with whom we are working to develop competency in our proprietary Predix digital industrial platform.


Think Differently; Evolve Practical Solutions; Achieve your Objectives: Sign up for an Innovation Workshop today

If you are looking to resolve operational or service matters, or want to engage clients in pointed strategic conversations, or need to get your team thinking differently… we can develop a programme for you. We use the best of global innovation methods. Our facilitators are steeped in the African economic and developmental operating context. And we can guarantee that you will uncover unique but viable solutions to key issues. 

“We need to stop thinking the way we do currently!”
“Issues came up; we thought that we lacked skill to think innovatively around them; but, the way that the session was set up, and organised: we realised these were solvable.”
“It’s fantastic we have found real projects to work on with our client and were able to think out of the box.”
“We need to set the stages to think differently – and be brave enough to do so!”
“We can carry that kind of thinking with us now – and pass it on”


This is the feedback from our internal teams who participated in one of our strategic innovation workshops in late 2016. From start to session-end, we were able to arrive at 8 viable projects that will contribute significant value to both our clients and our team in their daily projects – both intellectually and financially. 3 were prioritised for further exploration in Q2 2017. 1 is already in due diligence phase for Q1. Another 3 will straddle a number of disciplines and are aimed at facilitating significant opportunities for GE Africa in 2017/2018.

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