Take a Break and Innovate

Need to meet a client? Workshop an Idea? Break away with a small group for a day? Or simply stop off and work in a stimulating African innovative environment, close to Rosebank, Johannesburg?

Take a look at our Spring Innovation Workshop Catalogue and book an innovation or ideation session with our team – anything from 2 hours to 3 days.

Or: Stop in at the GE AIC  and catch a bite at the GE Africa Café, and settle in to a day’s work – but make sure you have notified us first if you are not a GE employee.

The GE Africa Innovation Centre is a conducive space that aims to bring together GE’s internal and external stakeholders to collaborate in unlocking opportunities for Africa’s accelerated growth and sustainable development.

Taking its lead from best-in-class practices across the Globe, the GE AIC is home to  facilitators, guest lecturers, subject-matter experts and specialists in their field, tasked with innovating relevant, practical and sustainable solutions to African challenges and opportunities.

And you are invited to join us in our endeavours.

Key Features

  • The GE Africa Experience: a digital and interactive exhibition space and showcase of GE, The Digital Industrial Company
  • The GE Learning & Development Centre: Flexible training rooms, collaboration and breakout spaces.
  • The GE Healthcare Experience: Hands-on training for Healthcare professionals.
  • Agile Workspaces: for the GE Healthcare and other resident teams.
  • Innovation, Collaboration and Ideation Zones and Rooms
  • The GE Café, stocked daily with fresh locally-sourced brainfood.

Join GE as we Innovate, Imagine and Invent – In Africa; For Africa


Training Rooms 

Our Second Floor Training Rooms accommodate teams as small as four people, and groups exceeding one hundred. Equipped with projection facilities, writable walls, and acoustically-sealed sliding, stacking doors. We welcome you and your teams for group and breakaway sessions, in whatever seating configuration you prefer.

Book your space for the day, for the week, or by the hour. Catering for all palettes by our in-house GE Work Café team.

Ideation & Meeting Rooms

Spread across all three floors of the GE Africa Innovation Centre are rooms equipped with projection facilities, glass writable walls, and high and low technologies, accommodating groups of four, to twenty or more. Book ahead for a rooms on the Ground, First and Second Floors. Also ask about our catering services to suit all palettes. Or slip down to the GE Work Café for a snack or a fine-dining, locally sourced healthy meal.

GE Work Café & Informal Meeting Zones

If you have a client in the area, are near Rosebank, or heading to or from down-town Joburg, pop off the highway, or catch the bus from the Rosebank Gautrain and head into the GE Africa Innovation Centre.

Order a fresh cappuccino, log on to the wifi, and catch up on emails. No need to book.

Facilities Facts

  • The GE Africa Experience – a hands-on exhibition centre, showcasing the best of GE globally, and in Africa.
  • The GE Work Café on the ground floor and catering facilities throughout the building.
  • Agile Workspaces on the first floor.
  • The GE Learning and Development Centre on the second floor, serving Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Innovation, Ideation and Collaboration zones, on all three floors, and
  • The GE Healthcare Experience –  hands-on training on GE state-of-the-art Healthcare technology.

Located one block from the M1 Glenhove Road offramp, the GEAIC is easily accessible via public and private transport.
It is in close proximity to at least three gyms; three golf-courses and country clubs; various religious centres; two police stations; major private and public hospitals and Rosebank, Killarney and Norwood shopping areas.
Hotels in the vicinity range from 5-star through to B&Bs.


  • Is easily accessible from both the highway and the major North-South Oxford Road arterial.
  • Approximately 5kms from the Rosebank Gautrain and located on the Gaubus route.
  • Can also be reached by bicycle and has lock-up bicycle stands in the basement.
  • Has approximately 100 underground parking bays and exterior parking bays for handicapped parking, buses and cars, with green charging stations also available.
  • Has on-site showers for pedestrians and fitness enthusiasts.

3.1. Entry and Reception
Security-controlled access at the gate and sign-in at reception. Controlled access per floor. The ground floor is open to guests who sign in at reception.

3.2. Ground Floor
Allowing unrestricted access for staff and visitors who have registered at reception, and includes

3.2.1. The GE Work Café and Meeting Zones

Overlooking the Killarney Golf Course in the South, and spilling out onto a flexibile exterior relaxation area, is the GE Work Café, serving locally-sourced, healthy fine and express food. The menu leans towards healthy eating – brain and soul-food.

3.2.2. The GE Africa Experience

Contiguous to the GE Café, is the GE Africa Experience. Part exhibition space, and part showcase, incorporating ideation, collaboration and exploration zones – digital and physical – this is where the visitor’s journey through the building commences.

The GE Africa Experience celebrates and showcases both the GE Store and Solutions, as well as out African socio-economic, cultural, material and geographic context. Visitors may interact individually, or in groups, with current and cutting-edge technologies, innovating sustainable solutions to current and future challenges in our global and local contexts.

3.3 First Floor

3.3.1. Agile Workspaces and Breakaway Zones
The first floor is devoted to an agile workspace for approximately 100 employees. All furniture is ergonomic and user friendly. Pause-areas intersperse with dedicated work-hubs – single and collaborative. Collaborative workspaces are equipped with writable screens; wifi projection facilities; and mobile storage pods. Breakaway zones are located across the length of the building.

3.3.2. Telepresence Room
Comfortably accommodating ten people, the Meeting and Telepresence Room encourages live conversations across the globe.

3.3.3. The Healthcare Experience
A fully equipped centre for training and demonstration centre, including cutting edge GE Healthcare equipment

3.4. Second Floor

3.4.1. Learning and Development
This area is equipped with modern communications equipment; screen facilities; ergonomic seating solutions; writable and stackable glass doors; and versatile configurations to house groups of 8 to 120, with breakaway and collaboration spaces.

3.4.2. Innovation Ideation and Collaboration Centre
Taking its lead from best-in-class practices across the GE Globe, resident at the GEAIC are domain experts and guest facilitators, lecturers, and specialists in their field,

3.4.3. Digital Laboratory and Annex
An additional space for guest faculty,  this space is Reserved for short- and long-term digital workshops and pop-up laboratories.


GE has been at the forefront of Innovation and Technology for well over one Century. Revolutionary inventions stretch back to the founder, Thomas Edison and continue through the 20th and 21st centuries, with many ground- breaking inventions, and innovations.

Today as the pre-eminent global digital industrial company, GE seeks to work cooperatively with African customers, resolving Africa’s key challenges in the sectors that it serves.

The GE Africa Innovation Centre provides a venue to start the conversation with key stakeholders; to showcase the best of global GE innovation, invention, practices, and methodologies – the extensive GE product and solutions sets which are driving growth in Africa; and, ultimately, bring together GE’s internal and external stakeholders to collaborate in unlocking opportunities for Africa’s accelerated growth and sustainable development.

  • A resident team of GE SSA Healthcare employees.
  • Learning and Development faculty and daily delegates.
  • Domain experts, guest lecturers, facilitators and subject matter experts. This team is dedicated to ensuring the sustainability of the centre through the generation of significant innovation programmes, projects and solutions for the region.
  • Visiting personnel and supply chain partners.
  • A small operational team of centre management, GE Work Café and facilities personnel.

All GE SSA employees may book facilities directly through aic.reception1@ge.com, providing relevant internal details.

External enquiries to be directed to aic.reception1@ge.com specifying organisation, requirements and objectives

Our Commitment to Health & Safety  

At General Electric Africa Innovation Centre we strive to ensure the safety of our workers and visitors to our operations and the public.

We believe that a safe and healthy workplace is a fundamental right of every person and also a business imperative. Our Workplace policy requires that we take responsibility for maintaining a productive workplace in every part of our Company by doing what we can to minimize the risk of accidents, injury and exposure to health hazards for all of our associates and contractors.

NOTE! Our site is a Gun free zone, When visiting our site please be vigilant of our EHS notices and security procedures

When arriving at our site security will confirm your visitation and handover a Safety passport and visitors badge.

  • Safety Passport – This is to familiarize yourself with our EHS procedures.
  • Visitors Badge – This will be given to you when once security has confirmed visitation.