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Second Challenge Closing 15 October 2017

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Are you an engineering start-up, or emerging enterprise, that uses simulation software? Do you need access to the right software to assist in building virtual prototypes of new products? GE, General Electric South Africa (Pty) Ltd and ANSYS are looking for enterprises that have limited funding, and product revenue below USD 5 million.

GE Africa Innovation Centre (GE AIC) and Qfinsoft, local ANSYS Channel Partner for South Africa have partnered to provide start-up companies and emerging enterprises working in the manufacturing field with the opportunity to access the ANSYS’ multiphysics simulation portfolio, in an Open Innovation Challenge. The ‘Simulating the Future in Africa’ challenge will grant the winners one year’s free access to the ANSYS Startup Program.

The challenge aims to build a cohort of African startup companies and enterprises, who will design products and processes, using ANSYS software, that can be incorporated into the industries that GE operates in in Africa – industrial manufacturing, power, oil and gas, renewables, energy connections, transportation, mining, aviation, and healthcare.

ANSYS engineering simulation software enables users to design, build, modify and test complete virtual prototypes and bring their innovative products to market faster and more cost-effectively.

Entrants who qualify for the challenge will have access for one year to the multiphysics simulation portfolio within the ANSYS Startup Program – including structural, fluids and electromagnetics suites, and the ANSYS Customer Portal, which enables users to access online technical support, product tutorials, documentation and a technical support knowledge base.

The second challenge for 2017 closes at 23h59 on 15 October 2017.  

Participants must meet entry criteria and are required to complete the submission form below. Ten winning enterprises will be targeted per challenge.



Entrants who qualify for the Challenge will receive an ANSYS Startup Program bundle with access for one year.  The licences include access to the ANSYS Stratup Program’s multiphysics simulation bundles – including a structural and fluids bundle and electromagnetics bundle, plus access to the ANSYS Customer Portal.

The ANSYS Customer Portal provides access to Online technical support through the ANSYS Customer Portal Support Request (SR) process, and Self-guided technical support –  via a Repository of product tutorials, documentation and access to the technical support knowledge-base.

In addition, entrants will meet monthly with relevant GE and ANSYS staff and stakeholders to monitor and assist with ongoing project development and outputs.

The second challenge for 2017 closes at 23h59 on 15 October 2017.  



From the days of Thomas Edison onwards, GE, the global digital industrial organization,  has historically held the most patents for inventions across a range of industries. In the contemporary era, the GE Store has been developed to take inventions from one discipline or industry to another. One example is electro-magnetic tracking transposed to tracking surgical instruments inside patient’s bodies. Or using medical imaging to detect structural stability in sub-sea oil pipelines.




Entrants are required to:

  • Submit a proposal that describes an innovative product or system, that could either be an incremental improvement on an existing one, or a radically disruptive one, that would be of benefit to Africa, primarily in the sectors and extended eco-systems that GE operates in Africa : Industrial manufacturing, power, oil and gas, renewables, energy connections, transportation, mining, aviation, and healthcare. 
  • Provide a description of your current organization, your future growth plans, and what value it would be for you, and your clients, for you to be a recipient of the GE Ansys Simulation Software license for one year.


  • Certificate of company incorporation, tax number, and directors certificate
  • Identity details of directors and share-holders in your company
  • 2 – 4 case studies of projects you have recently worked on
  • 2 – 4 References
  • Key Contact: Email and Cellphone details






Qualifying Criteria:

Entrants must meet the following eligibility criteria in order to be considered to join the GE & ANSYS SIMULATION SOFTWARE CHALLENGE

  • An organization formed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model.
  • Privately held company.
  • Less than five (5) years old.
  • Less than $5M USD Revenue per year for the entire company (at time of application). Revenue may not be counted per department, or company subdivision.
  • Must enter into License agreement with ANSYS directly
  • Primary user(s) of ANSYS software license(s) has previous exposure to the use of modelling and simulation software within the manufacturing environment.

Consultant companies or companies that provide consulting services (as part of their business model) are not eligible to enter as ANSYS Startup Program licenses may not be used to provide consulting services.

All entries to be submitted by email by 23h59 on 15 OCTOBER 2017

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