Innovation Training & Workshops

Innovation Programme Brochure

GE Africa Innovation Experience Tours

The starting point in understanding where GE and African Innovation meet, or, more specifically, who we can work with you on local innovation. The “tour” takes in the best of the building features, and opens the conversation on African Innovation and GE’s role in Africa in fostering innovation internally and with clients. 

Duration:   45 minutes to 1 hour

Frequency: Daily – book in advance

Who should attend? Clients and employees

Contact to book tour. 3 days notice optimal. 

Social & Open Days

Family and Fun Days – Weekend Workouts in coding, robotics, app dev and 3D Printing. And Forums and Focuses for our business partners. Open Events focusing on African Innovation needs.

Duration:  2 to 8 hours

Frequency: Monthly or more – Watch out for schedule updates

Who should attend? Eco-system partners, Employees, Business Partners, Customers, Family, Friends

Innovation Focuses

Focuses and talks on Trending Topics of relevance to us and our clients.

Duration: 45 minutes lunch-hour.  90 minutes plus snacks – cocktail/breakfast

Frequency: Monthly – Watch out for schedule updates

Who should attend? Employees. Clients.

Subscribe for updates. Or contact us directly to co-host.

Innovation Workshops

Our key programme. Half, 1, or 3-day workshops, for internal and external clients. Using ideation, innovation, and rapid prototyping techniques, leading to realistic, replicable, pivotable solutions for business needs, challenges and opportunities

Duration:  Half to 3 Days

Frequency: Book in advance through GE AIC or Learning & Development internally 

Who should attend? Clients and employees

Contact us to design and quote on a workshop or workout for you. 2 weeks required from first meeting to assess your needs and then design and deliver.

GE Digital Workouts

Digital workouts, hackathons and meetups using Predix  – the global GE Platform

Duration:  4 hours to week courses

Frequency: QuarterlyWatch out for schedule updates

Who should attend? Employees, Supply Chain Partners, Geeks, SMMEs.


Innovation Pop-Ups

Keep your eyes peeled for the Unexpected: Fun, Pop-up lunch-hour events guaranteed to get the oxygen pumping – focused on GE, Africa and Innovation.

Duration: 10 to 30 minutes

Frequency: When you least expect it

Who should attend? Residents and visitors to GE AIC

Spontaneous: No Booking Required – Just Be There!

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